VC/Angel Backed

SG Credit Profile: Technology (SaaS)

The Company: Provider of B2B and B2C telephony-related security services.

The Financing Situation: The Company was seeking non-dilutive growth capital to execute on sales & marketing initiatives and have the ability to close quickly on accretive acquisitions.

The Solution: SG was able to get comfortable with the transaction due to the Company’s consistent growth in MRR, strong retention metrics, profitability, and experienced management team. Within 3 weeks from signed term sheet, SG provided a $2MM growth capital facility with $1.5MM funded and an additional $500K tranche available based on continued growth.

The Company: Venture-backed SaaS platform for digital publishing.  Revenue: $6MM | Equity Raised: $30MM.

The Financing Situation: The Company’s existing debt facility was maturing and the incumbent lender was unwilling to extend due to lender fatigue and other circumstances. SG was brought in alongside an equity contribution to refinance the debt and provide additional working capital.

The Solution: SG was able to quickly get comfortable with the business due to the contracted recurring revenue, continued equity support, and opening liquidity. SG provided a $1.5MM non-formula, structured senior secured loan. The incumbent lender successfully exited the credit as desired and the Company received additional working capital. SG closed this transaction within two weeks.

The Company:

Venture-backed, cloud-based software platform primarily targeting outbound sales organizations.

The Financing Situation:

The Company experienced significant year-over-year growth but the Company’s existing credit facility was maturing and the incumbent lender did not want to extend its maturity date. Additionally, the Company was seeking non-dilutive growth capital to execute on its sales pipeline and increase ARR to improve its valuation prior to raising additional equity.

 The Solution:

SGCP was able to quickly get comfortable given the rapid growth, contracted recurring revenue, enterprise customer base and strong management team to provide a $6.5 million senior secured credit facility that was bifurcated into a $3.5 million interest-only loan and $3 million term loan. SGCP provided this structure to close the deal quickly and to bridge the Company to a new senior lender. The new senior lender will refinance SGCP’s $3.5 million interest-only loan and SGCP will then subordinate its $3.0 million term loan under its typical second lien structure.

This transaction highlights SGCP’s ability to write larger checks as a result of its recent capital raise as well as our ability to provide a one-stop solution.

The Company:

Provider of a SaaS based system that assists K-12 educators and administrators in managing, overseeing and enhancing their students’ engagement in digital learning environments.

The Financing Situation:

Due to the cyclical nature of education-based budgeting and spending in school districts, cash flow in the EdTech space is highly seasonal. Contracts are paid on an annual basis with the vast majority coming in during one quarter of the year. This leads to temporary cash shortfalls which were historically financed primarily through equity from investors. Knowing the company was very close to attaining “escape velocity” and not wanting to further dilute equity, they sought out venture debt as an alternative financing option.

The Solution:

Led by a strong management team, demonstrating solid revenue growth since inception, and having already completed a cost restructuring during 2017, Super G recognized the company was poised for profitability and overall success with the help of some working capital cushion in the near term. Super G was able to work quickly to complete diligence and documentation in order to fund a $1.25MM loan within three weeks and solve the company’s seasonal cash shortfall.

The Company: Sponsor-backed, cloud-based software platform primarily marketed to outbound sales organizations.

The Financing Situation: The Company raised over $3MM in a Series A equity round and experienced significant growth over the prior three years. The Company needed growth capital to execute on its sales pipeline, but did not want to raise additional equity before its Series B round due to dilution concerns at the current valuation. The Company wanted to grow revenue as much as possible in order to increase its valuation prior to raising additional equity.

The Solution: Super G provided a non-dilutive senior secured term loan. This structure enabled the Company to continue its growth trajectory and increase its valuation before raising additional equity. Super G was able to quickly get comfortable given the rapid growth, contracted recurring revenue and strong management team. The amount of time from signed term sheet to closing was less than two weeks.

Super G’s non-dilutive growth capital loans help technology companies extend runway and reach milestones which increase valuation while protecting equity.

The Company:
Venture-backed SaaS provider for content management and digital publishing.
Revenue: $8mm | Equity Raised: $22mm

The Financing Situation:
The Company was placed in the Bank’s special assets division due to a covenant violation. Although the Company continued to perform, the Bank wanted to exit the credit. Super G was brought in to offboard the client and provide additional working capital.

The Solution:
Super G was able to quickly get comfortable with the business due to the contracted recurring revenue and equity support. Super G provided a $1.5mm highly structured, nonformula-based, senior secured loan. The Bank successfully offboarded the client as desired and the Company received additional working capital.

The Company:
Wine producer and distributor operating in a state of the art, custom winemaking facility.

The Financing Situation:
In the early stages of a capital raise, the Company was seeking additional working capital to create availability on its line of credit and fund growth initiatives. The Company’s asset based lender, Ares Commercial Finance (“Ares”), which is not affiliated with Super G, was providing a flexible asset based credit facility with favorable advance rates on accounts receivable & inventory and preferred the Company to fund any additional capital needs with junior capital.

The Solution:
Under similar situations, our typical deal structure is to provide a second lien loan and enter into an intercreditor agreement with the senior lender(s). However, since there were multiple senior secured equipment lenders in this situation, negotiating and entering into intercreditor agreements with all would be cumbersome and delay the closing timeline. Super G and Ares determined the most efficient process to close the loan was a junior participation agreement in which Super G participated in Ares’ credit facility as a “last-out” participant. This allowed the Company to obtain an additional $2 million of capital in less than three weeks via Ares’ senior working capital facility.

For more information on Ares Commercial Finance, please contact:

Matt Grimes, Managing Director
(424) 285-2628
800 Corporate Pointe, Suite 300
Culver City, CA 90230

The Company: Venture backed, subscription e-commerce brand.

The Financing Situation:  The Company is in growth mode, rolling out direct-to-consumer brands in addition to its subscription e-commerce business, and was seeking a non-dilutive solution as a bridge to a strategic sale or next equity round.  The Company‘s management team wanted excess working capital cushion to remain focused on growth initiatives and maintain compliance with its bank’s liquidity covenant.

The Solution:  Super G was able to quickly get comfortable with the Company’s value proposition, growth strategy, management team, and institutional backers.  Most importantly, the Company was able to demonstrate a clear path to profitability in a worst case scenario of no strategic sale or additional equity financing.  Super G structured a flexible, non-dilutive second lien loan subordinated to the Company’s senior lender.

Super G Provides $1,250,000 Seasonal Working Capital Loan to Education Software Provider

The Company:

Delivered in a SaaS model, the Company provides core educational programs (primarily math & science) for middle and high school students.

The Financing Situation:

The Company is a seasonal business from a selling and cash collection perspective as the Company’s customers (school districts) have specific buying patterns and the Company collects lump-sum annual payments. The Company’s senior lender, Bridge Bank, provides an asset based facility and thus there is a limited availability during the low season (i.e. limited AR to leverage) for working capital cushion. The Company historically solved seasonal working capital shortfalls with venture capital/convertible notes and was seeking non-dilutive capital as an alternative.

The Solution:

Super G was able to quickly get comfortable with the Company’s SaaS model, seasonality, growth plans, and management team to close a $1,250,000 loan that solved the Company’s seasonal working capital need. Super G’s amortization schedule was structured around the Company’s seasonal cash flow – light amortization in low cash collection periods and increased amortization during the busy season. Super G worked closely with the Company’s existing lender, Bridge Bank, to finalize an intercreditor agreement and fund the Company within 3 weeks.

For more information on Bridge Bank, please contact:

Chris Hill

SVP Regional Director

Capital Finance 

408-556-8635 p

408-660-5355 m


MobileCause Positions Itself for Additional Product Advancement

Newport Beach, CA (July 21, 2015) – Super G Funding (‘Super G”), announced a significant investment in MobileCause, a California company, and leader in mobile fundraising and communication for nonprofits. MobileCause provides a cloud based online fundraising and communication platform for nonprofit organizations enabling them to raise more money at a lower cost.

Super G’s software division, SaaS Funding, provides recurring revenue software companies such as MobileCause with growth capital from $100,000 – $5 million. Super G is led by entrepreneur and payments veteran, Darrin Ginsberg. “MobileCause is extremely well-positioned for the rapid growth of mobile giving and a terrific match for our SaaS Funding product,” said Ginsberg.

“This investment will allow MobileCause to advance product development and accelerate sales and marketing” said Sean MacNeill, MobileCause CEO. “We are excited to be working with the Super G team and welcome the deep payments knowledge and relationships they bring to our mobile efforts.”

MobileCause provides a suite of products for a new generation of giving. Designed to help organizations gain donors, increase recurring gifts and engage supporters, products include Crowdfunding for nonprofits, merchant and payment services, text to donate and mobile alerts. National non-profit clients include: United Way, the Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club of America and the American Heart Association.

About MobileCause
MobileCause provides cloud based online fundraising and communication software for nonprofit organizations enabling them to raise more money at a lower cost. Each powerful solution is designed to mobilize networks of volunteers, donors and staff while making it easy for people to give and stay connected from any device. Our suite of products: crowdfunding for nonprofits, comprehensive online giving, dynamic event fundraising, text to donate keywords, mobile marketing and smart data records, is designed for a new generation of giving for mobile, online and social. Customers can be up and running in hours with no technical skills required. MobileCause provides turnkey merchant and payment services at a simple flat rate that includes a specialized mobile payment app for nonprofits. Each plan includes dedicated strategy support from fundraising experts. Featured clients include United Way, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern California, Habitat for Humanity and many more.