SG Credit Profile: Software & Technology

The Company: Extended Care Professional (“ECP”) is a SaaS-based company that provides a suite of integrated EHR, eMAR, and other software tools to assisted living facilities and the pharmacies that serve them. ECP’s product suite automates med-passing workflows leading to better patient outcomes and enhanced oversight.

The Financing Situation: ECP was seeking additional capital to bolster its sales and R&D teams to further support growth. The Company also wanted to partner with a debt provider that could facilitate additional tranches for add-on / tuck- in acquisitions as opportunities arise.

The Solution: SG provided a non-dilutive growth facility structured around ARR and enterprise value. The credit facility included additional tranches available upon achieving agreed upon KPIs.

SG Credit Profile: Cash Flow

The Company: A family-office backed provider of mental and behavioral health services catering to Medicaid patients.

The Financing Situation: The Company was experiencing high growth due to a combination of strong demand and positive regulatory tailwinds. To capitalize on this growth, the Company sought a non-dilutive debt facility to fund expansion opportunities requiring hard upfront costs.

The Solution: SG was able to underwrite the history of profitability, variable cost nature of the business, and positive growth trends. SG structured a $5.0 million credit facility to provide the Company with the immediate capital it needed to open new locations in its pipeline as well as a delayed draw component to scale with the Company.