About SG Credit Partners

SG Credit Partners is a family-office backed lender providing situational capital to lower middle market businesses and entrepreneurs requiring tailored solutions and certainty to close. We’ve established a broad credit platform to solve capital needs that traditional banks, non-bank lenders, single-product lenders, and larger funds cannot due to regulatory, timing, funding, or size constraints.

Efficient in process, thoughtful in approach, and committed to building strong, lasting relationships, our success is measured over the long term by earning the trust of entrepreneurs and their advisors who come to us in their time of need.

Headquartered in Southern California with offices throughout the country, SG Credit Partners has provided in excess of $350 million to lower middle market entrepreneurs across a variety of industries.

Our Story

The Art and Science of Situational Capital

What makes our platform unique is our ability to structure and close deals around a broad set of borrower types, use of proceeds, and situations – we understand that underwriting situational capital is both art & science.

The ”art” was developed from the experience of 150+ deals with entrepreneurs in the lower middle market. It is knowing how to work with business owners and management teams across a myriad of industries – from SaaS to manufacturing to real estate. The “science” is our deep understanding of cash flow, technology, and collateral lending and how to structure, secure, document and fund in weeks.

SG Credit Partners is committed to providing excellent service and a platform of credit solutions to both business owners and lending partners operating in the essential yet underserved lower middle market.

We’ve assembled a team from credit funds, banks and the technology world who understand the art & science of situational capital and together we are uniquely qualified to be the credit partner of choice for entrepreneurs nationwide.

The SG Difference

  • Reliable, high-character individuals with an entrepreneur’s mindset
  • Transparent, thoughtful, and sincere communicators
  • Common sense and team approach – the best idea wins
  • Service provider approach treating every deal as an audition and hustling at all stages
  • Understand that trust and relationships are paramount
  • Evolving product platform solving for limitations and credit voids left by traditional lenders
  • Not all deals fit in a box. We tailor our structures to entrepreneurs’ specific needs
  • Flexible structuring to complement banks, other credit funds
  • Non-dilutive approach for simplicity, preservation of equity
  • Minimal covenants so entrepreneurs can focus on running their business
  • Solutions with industry-leading pace and precision
  • At our best on the clock, in situations needing quick, dependable capital
  • Deliver on our word and provide certainty to close
  • Flat organization with streamlined decision making
  • Continuously improving processes to maximize efficiency
  • Respect for time and capital, ours and yours