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Tailored Private Credit Solutions

Our flexible mandate enables us to provide tailored credit solutions including asset-based revolvers, asset-backed term loans, cash flow term loans and guarantor-based term loans.

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Lower middle market businesses and entrepreneurs are often underserved by traditional banks and credit funds—but that’s where SG Credit Partners comes in. Our capital base and platform enable us to apply four distinct approaches including asset-based, asset-backed, cash flow and guarantor collateral. We are able to apply these approaches individually or in combination to provide a complete solution when other lenders face limitations.

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$3 - $20MM+

Loan Size

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6 - 48 Months


Cash Flow
  • 1st lien term loan, 2nd lien term loan, or unitranche
  • Working Capital (ABL) Revolver
  • Collateral-Backed Term Loan - equipment, IP, Real Estate, other assets
  • Flexible business loans backed by non-business / personal assets (1st lien, 2nd lien, or unsecured)
  • 1st lien, Split lien, 2nd lien "stretch" loans

Borrower Profiles

  • Asset-Based
  • Asset-Backed
  • Cash Flow
  • Guarantor-Based
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SG provides tailored asset-based lending solutions for companies that seek greater flexibility or generally do not qualify for commercial loans with banks. Our approach is to understand the collateral and business profile to determine how we can add value.
Size $20+ million annual revenue
Collateral Accounts receivable, inventory, M&E
Situations Working capital, turnarounds, restructuring, growth capital, acquisitions
Structure 1st lien working capital (ABL) revolvers, selective over-advance facilities

Traditional ABL formulas

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SG provides liquidity solutions across multiple forms of collateral. Our point of difference is that we lend against working capital assets, machinery & equipment, real estate, and intangible assets individually or in a pool of collateral. In addition, we can provide stretch pieces based on cash flow or guarantor support.
Size $10MM - $100MM+ Revenue
Collateral Working capital, M&E, RE, IP, guarantor assets
Situations Broad use of funds
Structure 1st lien working capital (ABL) revolvers, 1st lien or split lien collateral-backed term loans

LTV based on appraised collateral value

Who We Work With

Cash Flow

SG invests primarily in senior secured loans to strong, defensible businesses with demonstrated enterprise value. As a lending partner, we work with lower middle market businesses that are often overlooked by traditional credit funds and banks. Our financing solutions are tailored to the unique needs of sponsored, non-sponsored, and entrepreneur-owned businesses.
Size $10MM – $100MM+ Revenue, $1.5MM+ EBITDA
Industry Agnostic
Situations Working Capital, Growth Capital, Acquisitions, Shareholder Buyouts
Structure 1st Lien Term Loan, 2nd Lien Term Loan, or Unitranche

Cash flow for debt service, leverage, enterprise value

Who We Work With


SG serves as a lending partner to entrepreneurs and sponsors with efficient and customizable structured credit solutions. SG's Guarantor-Based lending team has the specialized knowledge and experience to structure financing options that meet your needs. We are here to help business owners access liquidity utilizing their personal balance sheet to solve a business need.
Loan Type Business loans backed by non-business assets
Assets / Collateral Standby letter of credit, marketable securities, real estate (1st and 2nd position), other esoteric collateral
Situations Business turnarounds, taxes, litigation, partnership dissolution, acquisitions, and other short-term needs
Structure 1st lien, 2nd lien, or unsecured

Sufficient net worth, dedicated collateral, future liquidity events

The SG Standard

Industry-Leading Pace and Precision

Simply put, SG is at its best when on the clock - we excel in situations that require quick, dependable capital. 

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Tailored Solutions

Not all deals fit in a box. We tailor our structures to each client’s specific needs.

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Non-Dilutive Capital

Non-dilutive approach for simplicity, preservation of equity

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Speed + Certainty to Close

Flat organization with streamlined decision making.  We deliver on our word.

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