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Deal Closing

SG Credit Profile



Super G Provides $3.5 Million Credit Facility to PE-backed Company

The Company

Designs, manufactures, and supports NextGen compliant avionics systems that improve the safety, efficiency, and affordability of flying.

The Financing Situation

The Company was seeking to refinance its existing senior credit facility and move on to a new lending relationship to better support the strategic initiatives of the Company. The existing credit facility was based on enterprise value and thus required a comprehensive debt facility (beyond a standard ABL facility) for a full take-out plus additional working capital to support growth.

The Solution

Super G provided a comprehensive financing solution that consisted of two tranches within the $3.5 million credit facility – $1.5 million interest-only loan and a $2.0 million amortizing term loan. This structure allowed the Company to close quickly (within 3 weeks) and provided debt service flexibilty so that the Company had working cpaital cushion and could focus on business execution. Super G worked closely with the Company’s majority shareholder, Elm Creek Partners, to get comfortable with the business and management team to fund the Company quickly.

For more information on Elm Creek Partners, please contact:
Aaron R. Handler
Co-founder and Partner