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400x200ST Critical Mention

Deal Closing

SG Credit Profile


Critical Mention

SGCP Provides $2.0 Million for Senior Lender Transition

The Company

Cloud-based media monitoring and intelligence platform with contracted, recurring revenue.
Revenue: $15mm | EBITDA: $1.5mm | Equity Raised: $10mm

The Financing Situation

The Company had a line of credit as well as a term loan in place with a Bank. Due to lender fatigue and technical default (financial covenant compliance) the Bank wanted to exit the credit.

The Solution

Super G was able to get comfortable with the business due to the recurring revenue, continued equity support, and strong management team. Super G provided a $2.0 million bifurcated credit facility to retire the Bank’s credit facility as well as provide additional working capital. Super G’s $2.0 million bifurcated credit facility consisted of a $750k interest-only loan and a $1.25 million amortizing term loan. Super G provided this structure to bridge the Company to a new senior lender. The new senior lender will refinance Super G’s $750k interest-only loan and Super G will then subordinate its $1.25 million term loan under its typical second lien structure.