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Click Notices

Super G Funding Provides Growth Capital to SaaS Provider

SaaS Funding Initiative

Super G Funding recently closed several Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deals and continues to dedicate more resources to emerging SaaS companies. Super G’s capital is non-dilutive and based on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) rather than profit in order to better enable companies to achieve scale and increase shareholder value. Super G’s SaaS lending product has successfully enabled companies to extend their runway and maximize valuations when pursuing venture capital.

The Company

ClickNotices, Inc. is the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of court filing and delinquency management services to the multifamily industry. The Company’s cloud-hosted platform and expert court agents offload the administrative burden of managing late rent.  Every month, ClickNotices handles thousands of late rent cases, helping property managers minimize delinquencies, reduce legal costs, and simplify operations.

The Financing Situation

ClickNotices was bootstrapped, growing quickly and recently turned profitable.  Its founders wanted to invest more aggressively in growth while minimizing dilution.  The Company wanted a financing partner that would provide capital based on a multiple of its recurring revenue and was capable of supporting its growth and possible acquisition strategy.

The Solution

As a pioneer and market leader in residual loans, Super G was able to quickly understand and underwrite ClickNotices’ revenue stream.  Super G was able to structure non-dilutive growth capital based on a multiple of monthly recurring revenue and close within weeks.