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April 11, 2017

The Hardest Shot in Golf

Super G is here to help you execute the hardest shot in lower middle market finance – the stretch piece.

  • We are not an every day product or golf club just like the wedge, but we are there when you or your client is stuck in the sand and needs the perfect club or product for the situation
  • Super G knows how to execute the wedge shot from the sand trap on the 18th hole in the Masters
  • We finance the unexpected stretch piece meant to bridge between what is needed and what the senior lender will provide
  • We have a professional deal team and strong national relationships with senior lenders so we know how to work under tight deadlines and close quickly

“Stretch Piece” defined – the portion of a loan that exceeds the amount supported by the underlying collateral and is dependent on support from the company’s cash flow or enterprise value. The Stretch Piece solves “airballs” and “financing gaps.”

Super G fills a void in the credit market by providing $500k-$5mm second lien cash flow term loans to finance the stretch piece.

We Help Senior Lenders:

  • Our product is complementary in nature to the senior lender as we are subordinated capital
  • Onboard new clients if there is a shortfall in the borrowing base
  • Retain existing clients if there is a situational working capital or growth capital need

We Help Borrowers:

  • Transition from banks to ABLs
  • Finance situational working capital needs (ex. seasonality, upfront project costs, past due payable, etc.)
  • Grow with non-dilutive capital
  • Finance accretive acquisitions

Borrower Profile:

  • Revenue: $500,000 – $5,000,000
  • Cash flow to support amortization
  • Private or Public
  • Industry Agnostic
  • Geography: United States

How We Structure:

  • Structure: Term Loan
  • Loan Size: $500,000 – $5,000,000
  • Term: 6-36 months
  • Amortization: full-amortization required
  • Staggered amortization can be provided based on cash flow
  • Minimal covenants
  • Security: Second lien on all assets behind senior lender