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Consumer ProductsJune 13, 2023

SG Credit Partners Announces a Senior Debt Investment in Bulletproof 360

SG Credit Partners Announces a Senior Debt Investment in Bulletproof 360

CHICAGO (June 13, 2023) – SG Credit Partners, through its SG Consumer Products division, is happy to announce a partnership with Bulletproof 360, a coffee and functional nutrition brand best known for the “Bulletproof Coffee” recipe. Bulletproof embraces mind-body nutrition by using a blend of high-quality coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter. SG’s debt financing will support Bulletproof’s continued expansion and further the brand’s mission to reimagine nutrition with science-backed and thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

“SG provided a credit facility that was thoughtful and tailored to our financing needs,” says Chief Finance Officer of Bulletproof, Matthew Amigh. “Our partnership will enable us to continue growing the business and help more people achieve their health and performance goals.”

Bulletproof’s coffee was first introduced to the world in 2011. Not your average latte, it embraced quality fats for sustained energy and challenged nutrition norms to create an energy packed, functional coffee. The signature beverage quickly gained popularity among health-conscious consumers who enjoyed the delicious flavor and steady energy levels without the crash. Bulletproof now offers a range of products, including coffee creamers, collagen powders, supplements and oils. They can be found in major retailers, like Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts and Target, or online at Amazon and

“Bulletproof has built a strong and loyal customer following,” says Dan McCallum, Director at SG Consumer Products. “We’re excited to be supporting the team at Bulletproof as they continue to grow their exceptional brand.”