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Consumer ProductsJanuary 11, 2024

SG Credit Partners Announces a Senior Debt Investment in 4th & Heart

SG Credit Partners Announces a Senior Debt Investment in 4th & Heart

CHICAGO (January 11, 2024) – SG Credit Partners, through its SG Consumer Products division, is excited to partner with 4th & Heart, an emerging premium food brand. The brand is focused on disrupting the $5.6 billion butter category through its ghee products including sticks, jars and sprays. Their products can be found nationwide in major retailers like Whole Foods and Kroger as well as specialty stores like Citarella and Erewhon. The new senior debt investment will be used to support 4th & Heart’s manufacturing expansion, product awareness, and retail support. This announcement comes on the heels of 4th & Heart securing a $10 million growth equity investment.

“SG came highly recommended and has been the best partner for our growing business needs,” says Max Dichter, Chief Executive Officer of 4th & Heart. “We were looking for a flexible credit facility that could strategically partner and grow with us. The SG team was thoughtful in their approach and worked with us on the best path forward.”

Ghee, a type of clarified butter, is a versatile cooking oil with a high smoke point of 485 degrees, higher than traditional butter which has a smoke point of 350 degrees. It has long existed in South Asian cuisine but has recently gained popularity in North America because of its nutty, caramel-like flavor and believed health benefits relative to traditional butter. Ghee is made by distilling butter down to its purest form (also known as clarifying) to remove the water and lactose. Aside from being rich and delicious, 4th & Heart Ghee is a lactose-free alternative to butter and cooking oils.

4th & Heart offers a robust lineup of products including traditional jarred ghee, ghee cooking spray, and a newly innovated, first-of-their-kind ghee stick now found in the dairy aisle! All of 4th & Heart’s products are made from the finest butter sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised New Zealand and Australian cows. Great for baking, searing, sauteing, or simply on toast or in coffee, 4th & Heart is an elevated take on basic butter.

“We are really impressed with 4th & Heart’s growth over the last few years and the ways their team is looking to expand,” says Spencer Brown, Managing Director of Originations at SG. “The newly innovated ghee sticks are showing clear growth, and we’re thrilled to join alongside by providing supportive, flexible financing.”