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November 12, 2019

SG Credit Partners Adds Bridge Loan Product to Solve For High Net Worth Liquidity Issues

SG Credit Partners (“SGCP”) now offers an interest only bridge loan product designed to provide a liquidity solution for asset rich, liquidity constrained entrepreneurs when speed and certainty to close are required. We call it the “Personal Financial Statement (PFS) Loan.”

SGCP enables entrepreneurs to quickly tap into pockets of equity in their non-business asset base that traditional lenders would not consider.

SGCP can structure business loans secured by first or second liens on residential or commercial real estate, marketable securities, annuities, equity holdings in other types of investments, direction of payment from expected cash inflows and other illiquid assets.

A flexible alternative to private banking loans, SGCP gives borrowers full discretion surrounding the use of funds with limited restrictions and fewer hoops to jump through than traditional capital providers.

Why SGCP for High Net Worth Liquidity Solutions?

Speed & Certainty to Close: Our small and nimble deal team, flat decision-making, and streamlined documentation allow us to close deals within 2-3 weeks on average.

Flexibility: Creative loan structures around unique financing situations, cash flow, and available collateral; ability to consider collateral outside of other lenders’ criteria.

Use of Funds: Funding for business turnarounds, taxes, litigation, divorce, or other short-term business or personal needs.

Discretion: We value our borrowers’ privacy and take a hands-off approach regarding use of funds and business-related decisions.