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June 7, 2017


Super G’s deal team consistently provides speed, flexibility and service under pressure. We play a small, but critical role by providing the airball or stretch piece to solve for subordinated working capital needs.  Just like a NASCAR pit crew, our goal is to work quickly as a team and never take the focus away from our clients.  We aim to be your first call when subordinated working capital needs arise.

Here’s how we are able to close $500k – $5mm senior and subordinated cash flow term loans in less than 3 weeks: 

  • Small, nimble team with seasoned professionals
  • Simple loan documents with minimal covenants
  • Flexible capital structure that allows us to provide customized amortization solutions
  • Strong senior lender relationships (existing intercreditor agreements in place)
  • Transparency, communication, and reliability
  • Experience – over 50 loans closing in the past 24 months

The efficiency and speed of a pit crew can turn a race in a driver’s favor and at Super G we focus on speed and certainty to close in order to ensure our borrowers can quickly get back to what they do best and are poised for success.