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Deal Closing

SG Credit Profile


Spectrum Global

Super G Provides Second Lien Acquisition Financing for Telecom Services Provider

The Company

Publicly held (OTC) provider of telecom & engineering services and solutions.
Financial Profile (Consolidated): Revenue: $32mm | EBITDA: $2.7mm

The Financing Situation

The Company was seeking subordinated debt to help finance the acquisition of a telecom staffing company that would expand its geographic footprint and service offerings. Given the consolidated EBITDA profile (<$5mm) of the business, traditional mezzanine debt was not an option and the Company preferred a non-dilutive subordinated debt option that could close quickly.

The Solution

Super G was able to quickly get comfortable with the acquisition synergies, the Company’s management team, and favorable industry momentum to approve a $1.15mm subordinated term loan that would fill the purchase price funding gap. Super G worked in partnership with Prestige Capital Corporation, who provided AR financing, to close the accretive acquisition.

For more information on Prestige Capital Corporation, please contact:
Stuart J. Rosenthal
Executive Vice President